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How do we use the Red Light Band?

The Red light Therapy Band from Thermalumen is a watch-style band. To be worn on the wrist. The device should be worn on the inner part of the wrist against the pulse of your veins. The device session is 30 minutes. You may use this 2-3 times daily a

My Red Light Watch will not charge

This may occur. It is best to allow the device to fully discharge. If you have wet the device or used during physical exercise, sweat may have entered the device. Allow this to fully dry prior to charging. 1. Ensure that you plug the device into a wa

How long will my Red Light Band work?

The Thermalumen Band is only using 30% of its potential output power. Since the device is underpowered, this will allow the device to last up to a year or beyond. *Note: Faulty devices may only be returned within 90 days for a new unit. Returns and r